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Chairman Scott Chiu As the third generation successor of HCG, which is a famous international sanitary ware brand, he graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology(WIT).He has been striving for the development of the group company. Just after graduation, Scott went to HCG Philippine factory for probation. He worked as a department assistant and then a project manager. He is now acts as Chairman of HCG (China).
Although he has received a long-term foreign education, Scott deeply feels China's greatness and cultural depth. He believes that the development of HCG should take root in China first, and then go around the world. In order to achieve the enterprise’s rapid and vigorous growth, Scott leads HCG to integrate the industry resources up and down the supply chain effectively, to work hand in hand with international brands in product design, technology research and advanced management simultaneously. From retail to project, HCG is doing its best to provide customers with the most timely, professional and thoughtful service. In this era with rapid growth and change, Scott has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Amiability will turn to success", which has lasted for eighty years, and implements the management policy of HCG--- investment in High-technology, pursuit of Compact management and achievement of the goal of Globalized operation. Nowadays HCG has successfully moved from China to the world and becomes an internationally-recognized leading brand in sanitary ware industry.

General manager Sam Lu In 1992, he joined the Import and Export Department of the International Business Office of Taiwan HCG Corporation. He has been in charge of export business and international marketing for many years, In developing Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other markets. In 2002, he was assigned Sales and marketing assist Vice President in Philippines, thus brought multiple growth to HCG Philippine business. In 2005, he was authorized to set up LAZULI International, to start the import agential business. In 2008,he set up HCG holdings and was transferred to Shanghai. He was responsible for the establishment of "UPEX", ie. United Pacific Trading (Shanghai) Company, Ltd., which is for export and group purchasing businesses. In 2012, he was assigned as general manager of HCG China and has been in this position so far.
He has taken a series of reforms and innovations during the period when he is on the position of general manager of HCG China. First of all, he introduced and made renovations of SAP, MES and other management systems; realized digital transformation; and took the HCG Care as the theme for product arrangement and development; stabilized HCG's leading position in intelligent bathroom and aging bathroom products, including: 1, created Smart Home Era in win-win co-operation with Panasonic; 2, introduced polished and linearly beautiful bathroom cabinets designed by Italian designer Mr. NiloGioacchini,developed HCG classic products, ALPS series, eighth generation low-tank water toilet with him; 3, launched many products aiming at the aged, including intelligent health-check toilet; tried to make HCG a market leader in the industry; 4, launched dechlorination faucet to achieve safer water use. From intelligent toilet to dechlorination faucet, every product and every link focuses on the meticulous humanistic care from HCG. As the pilot of HCG China, He is responsible for the 85-year HCG brand’s link between past and future. Overcoming all obstacles, he asked the team to introduce new technologies and new thinking of modern international management. "Keeping pace with the times" is the direction he advocates that leads the team to pursue continuously. He expects the HCG team to explore the possibilities for all kinds of developments and make efforts to push HCG brand to a new height.

Beauty of designThe most spiritual design can touch the heart

  • Giovannini is a music aficionado. He enjoys being close to the nature, and reflects the unique natural manifestation with entity. LEGATO series idea occurred to him when he saw the flow of water, then he thought of the portamento in the music. It means the perfect combination of the art of music and the art of living.

    ‘The ideal bathroom space should reflect the differences and connections between man and nature, internal and external environment, individual habit and collective habit.’

  • Randy Lee has been engaged in industrial design for 25 years in HCG. He was once sent to work at Milan design center by HCG. He participated in the design of Legato, Athena and other classic products. He advocates pragmatism. He is an expert on technics and craftsmanship. He has brought up many young designers for HCG. He also leads the design team to develop kinds of hot-selling products and marketable products.

    There is no genius for design, because real design comes from the practice and it needs real life experience.

  • As a designer with more than 30 years' experience, he blended the grand and magnificent Greek temple—Gang (in Chinese means strong) and the delicate beauty of the Greek goddess—Rou (in Chinese means gentle), using the magic of contrasts, into the product creativity, both strong and gentle, ie. in Chinese Gang and Rou. The Athena series is valued by Miss Lin Chi-ling, who is the image spokesperson for HCG. The Athena series becomes another classic work of HCG.

    It's the source of my design that I treat nature as my teacher.

  • HCG new product- China stone series Designer: Liu Li Gong Fang Workshop founder Ms. Loretta Yang Huishan. It overthrowed the tradition that bathroom facilities should be smooth and fluent and brought about the New China concept. The angular stones were moved into the bathroom. It is the stunning masterpiece of modern design esthetics.

    Chinese people think that stones are sculptured by the god. The most taboo thing in ceramics is to make straight lines.