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Aftersales Service

Each and every customer can enjoy the professional pre-sale, on-purchase and aftersales service from HCG. In the warranty period, customers can enjoy free door-to-door maintenance and repair parts purchasing discount. HCG’s uniform service standard and professional service staff can possess you of full confidence in HCG products.

HCG's commitment of limited liability warranty to all products in its retail channels:

1. HCG ceramic products provide a life-long limited liability warranty to ensure that ceramic products will not engender natural cracks under normal use.
2. Faucets provide one-year limited liability warranty; ceramic valve cartridge ensures no leakage for 6 years under normal use.
3. Bathtubs, water tank fittings, I like to wash computerized toilet covers, etc., provide 2- year limited liability warranty.

4. Bathroom cabinets, commercial restroom products, one-year limited liability warranty.

5. HCG’s professional service team can provide you with service experience of high quality.
(The losses caused by the following behaviors shall not be covered by warranty: normal wear and tear of the products; poor maintenance; unfit tools and equipment for the products; influence by chemicals, electrochemical, or electrical factors. The company will not undertake and compensate for the losses caused by the above factors.)

Aftersales contact



QQ number:2309910532

E-mail Box: fuwu@hcg.com.cn

Contact address: Room 402, No. 11, Lane999, Zhongshan Second South Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Online aftersales service

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