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C1983AW+CF1983AWWater-saving one-piece toilet

One-piece toilet
300 mm S-trap 300mm
Flush type
Siphon jet
Flush volume: 
4.2/6.0 L
725 x 405 x 745 mm
Color American White
Accessories Water tank kit, flexible hose, angle valve, flangecover, wax seal
C1983AW toilet, CF1983AW cover

Product features

Dualtop flush button, siphon jet trapway configuration, strongflush performance

Meetswater-saving toilet standard

Rim-Xsiphon technology, provides faster flush and wider flush area

Fully-glazed trapway, makes a smoother waste drainage

Anti-dirttechnology, twice glazing technics, this ensures that spots can be easily wipedoff, and no dirt or bacteria are trapped

Concealedtrapway configuration, easy to clean

Metal quick release quiet-close toilet cover, easy to install anddisassemble, low noise, longer life,enlargedtoilet seat, ergonomical design, more comfortable

The water level

Second grade

Selective Color

American White

Size chart


Life-long limited warranty for fixture, ensure fixture will not crack under normal use

Water tank kit 2-year limited warranty

Standard toilet cover 6-month limited warranty

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product details
Product features
The water level
Selective Color
Size chart
Data download